QC Service

Have our own independent quality control department, supervise the quality from raw mateirals to pre-shipment inspection and keep detailed QC reports to record for years.

Very proud to say we have our own professional QC inspectors, who are experts on those bathroom products, vinyl SPC flooring, door locks and hand tools. We design our own inspection report forms listing all the actual key factors as we are familiar with the manufacturing process and know the key elements for quality. We also bring up good suggestions and guidance to manufacturers. In this way, we are working closely with manufactories not only control the quality, but also help to improve the quality as well as lower the cost.

Most importantly, our own QC is sheerly and totally responsible for quality matters only, as we considering long-run business and taking it as our life, it’s different with third party inspection.

Be our partner, let’s take care of your orders, and our professional QC service will be free of charge.

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